I'm not able to download files that I have either uploaded via FILES or an Assistant

A whole slew of things, though the gist is that I’m often (90% of the time) UNABLE to download files that I have either uploaded directly to the files page, have uploaded to an Assistant, OR have had the assistant create.

I have not hit any of the limits (20/assistant, file size, total files size) and the files are on the accepted list provided by OpenAI.

Also, when I click the link provided by the assistant, it doesnt do anything. If opened in a new tab or if I hover over the link is gives the “javascript.void{}” whatever the response is, and then says blocked in the URL, even though I have nothing blocking it.

The screenshot below shows navigating to the files tab, and trying to download it there - but theres not even a download option.

Any ideas???

Here’s how it should work:


Playground is for play.

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This doesnt answer my question, though. Can you explain a little more? I’m new to all of this. Well, semi new.

Download of the results of code interpreter are supposed to be offered by a file citation feature. You handle the special container in your code and then offer the download to a chatbot user. That’s what the link, and then its further link attempts to explain, and then you try to make it work with your own code.

The playground doesn’t implement a lot of the dozens of different convoluted methods for actually interacting with an assistant.