I'm getting API fail in my app

Api is not working properly

API worked for 1 or 2 queries and now it’s showing API fail message in the app.
What should I do to resolve this issue

Welcome to the forum.

We can’t possibly help without having more details/info.

Can you show us your code? We need more details, please.


And also error logs, if you have them. At least, the whole traceback of the actual error that you’re getting from your app :slight_smile:

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Hi @khalidkhanmayana, and welcome to the community.

This is the same as phoning up an auto mechanic and telling her:

The wheels stopped turning! What should I do to make them turn again?

Friendly advice – always try to share the underlying details because it will compress the time needed to get your app working again. Best of all, other people will learn from your example and the debugging process that resident experts will use to help you.