Illegal use of ChatGPT at schools/university

I would like to know if you can add (or create) a logic so that;
When an instructor or teachers says (IN ADVANCE) these are exam/homework questions/assigments -Can chatGPT will postpone response for a while(?) or within a given time? saying "thisi is an assigment, I will response later!! Thnks …

No. That is not possible to do. Why would you want to do that?

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Because, students ask for “the answer” in an assignment ! instead of solving it by themselves.

I get what you seek and why. But to me what you ask is the same as putting up a billboard that reads

Students: Do not cheat!
Everyone else: Please do not help students cheat!

It is just not going to happen.

If you you manage to get laws passed that requires what you seek it will be as effective as being on the Do not call list. Looks good on paper but fails. If you play Texas Hold’em then you know the same about Anna Kournikova (AK hold cards), “Looks good, but never wins” (ref)

The solution is to make better assignments or to change your methods of evaluation, not to break a resource for a billion other people.

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I would add to that, to teach the students to effectively use LLMs such as ChatGPT and document it accordingly.

If we replace LLM with spreadsheet and had similar in the early days of spreadsheets where would be now?

All I wanted to know IF chatGPT can develop some sort of judgement ! Seems unlikely for now …
It has nothing to do with preparing “good” questions. My understanding; the instructor tries to measure the knowledge of a student and his/her ability to use it. Searching library, reading papers, books and then responding etc. are all part of the assignment … using chatGPT does not have this philosophy.
I wanted to bring this to your attention/discussion with an exception of creating some sort of judgment on the AI side :scream:

What if someday a chatGPT graduate MD, operates you . . . who knows?

I think you’re misunderstanding what people are trying to say, you mentioned this yourself:

This is correct, but there’s many ways to measure a student’s performance, that doesn’t involve having them write long essay’s or answering assignments. chatGPT is not able to read and understand the entire curriculum of whatever course the exam is about. chatGPT will most likely be unable to answer correctly, as long as your exam questions are specific enough.

If you want to know more about how to phrase your exam questions correctly, then I’ll suggest searching for stuff like “LLM resistant exam” and “chatGPT fails at” to give you a better idea, on how to approach the problem.

I hope that helps.

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I think the only sure-fire solution is to have exams done in-person. Though I think there is software that is meant to monitor what the user is doing on the computer during exams.

At any given time, question Y will be a homework assignment somewhere from someone. Such a system would make ChatGPT unusable. If I have a function I need to create for my job that uses a priority queue, I don’t want it to say “Professor X has made this a homework assignment so I will respond later.” ChatGPT will be used by students, it can’t be stopped. The academic institutions need to adjust and figure out how to incorporate ChatGPT into education, rather than trying to hinder its use and potential. Otherwise the institutions will become obsolete.