If I load a pptx gpt-4 doesn't read it but if I load a docx it works

if I load a pptx gpt-4 is able to load it but then says "Sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems there has been a communication error. My current system does not allow me to directly access and view the contents of the files as those in PowerPoint format (.pptx).Therefore, I cannot provide a description or elaborate the content of “Relational Algebra part 3.pptx” as requested.

If possible, could you provide a detailed description of what you need or convert key information from the PowerPoint to text or another format that I can analyze? This would allow me to better assist you with your request."

and whit a docx
"The document received is titled “Information Systems Part 1” and appears to cover various fundamental aspects of information and computer systems, including:

Data: It is described as the measurement of a phenomenon of interest, produced by human activity in various formats. The importance of collecting, organizing and storing data is underlined and a distinction is made between the value of a piece of data (extensional, numerical example) and its interpretation (intensional"

but in the documentation it says that pptx is supported by retrieval

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