If a reminder could be set in the conversation , it would be great!

Good morning

I love using chatgpt. when I ask questions and chatgpt did really help a lot. But in some cases, I would like to have an email reminder in the future, for example, I ask about to enter an art exhibition in coming summer, chatgpt told me the art entry will open on coming Jan., I would like to ask chatgpt to send me email when it is going to open , but I know it is impossible, hope to have this feature, thanks.

that’s a quite unique request, i don’t think they are going to do that however you can build it yourself or use someonse else service, who provide this type of things.

That’s something that could be done only by an external plugin. A ChatGPT Plus user could see the quality they get from a “reminders” plugin.

I think for now Agents are best match for that task.

  • Choosing the Right Tools: The agent decides which tools to use for each task. For storing the date and setting up a reminder, it might use an internal calendar or scheduling tool. For sending the email, it might use an email service provider. also responding with LLM generation something like “all set for so and so”
  • Executing the Tasks: The agent then executes. It stores the date of the event, sets up a reminder for that date, and prepares an email notification to be sent out on the specific date.