Ideas to guide a customer through certain topics in a chatbot using embeddings

Guys, I would like to discuss ideas to guide a customer through certain topics in a chatbot using embeddings.

To exemplify: I’m using embeddings + pinecone to save questions and answers about my service in a vector database.

Based on that, I use chatgpt and embedding to answer questions asked by my clients via whatsapp. It’s working absurdly well but I need to move on.

Using openai with embeddings I would like to “guide” (accompany/lead) my client to closing a deal (hiring) instead of just answering their questions.

Has anyone tried something along these lines? My initial idea would be to try to vectorize a “subject” to check if it has already been addressed, and then move forward.
Example: - has the advantages been discussed?

  • has the price already been mentioned?
  • did I mention the guarantees?

In practice, I still don’t know how to do it. Would it work? Any tips or ideas on how to do it?

OBS: I’m developing a python API that communicates with whatsapp through a webhook.

I think one way to do it is to take the conversation history between the client and your chatbot, and feed them in the prompt to ChatGPT 3.5. Add some additional instructions at the end of the prompt to ask ChatGPT to help you guide the client. Something like “Based on the conversation above, rewrite the answer to encourage the client to close a deal” (revise based on what you would like the client to do). Then take the revised answer from ChatGPT and show that to the client.

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Hey @fernandokerber , I’m looking at the same issue. Did you ever end up figuring it out?