I wondering if someone knows When Chat GP4 will open subscription?

Hello !! Am Using Chat GPT 3.5 since few months and now am really want to get the PLUS but it’s seam the demands is to high … just wondering if someone knows when we will be able to get the PLUS account i really need it to continue my journey of learning . thanks so much for this awesome revolution :smiley:

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Nobody could have anticipated that ChatGPT Plus subscriptions could have been disabled - especially since ads are even more increasingly splattered all over ChatGPT to upgrade.

Likewise, there’s no communication seen yet about when they’d open, but one would think they wouldn’t put up a “wait list” simply to make you go away, you can sign up.

You can get a taste of GPT-4 with Bing Chat - when using Microsoft Edge browser (or its user-agent). It is always prompted that the user is “on mobile” and to write shorter answers though.

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Oh i see … so it’s gonna take hella time to get access plus if the team are not active to help user … sad for me … i really need to use the 4.0 bcuz am to much restricted on the 3.5 … i will pray someone in the dev or team will do something for us … i see am not the only one waiting for this access to PLUS … thanks for your fast answer i really appreciate it !!

You can use it from the https://platform.openai.com/playground.


Hi, I am also waiting to get access to GPT4. Its put me on a waitlist since 3 weeks and havent heard back anything to upgrade. Why has ChatGPT4 access been stopped after the big OpenAI announcement in dev conference

yup, I’ve been using ChatGPT a lot since it’s release, I think I have around 300-500~ dialogues, and I finally have an opportunity to try GPT4

Is there any info from the company when Plus plan becomes available again?

Yes eagerly waiting for a paid subscription as well. However I want to use Dalle-3 more than chatGPT

API DALL-E 3 is $0.04 - $0.12 per image. That’s 500 of these for your $20.

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Funny things, I have ChatGPT Api, I can use chatgpt4, but I cannot create the new GPT as this opportunity is reserved to those who sign up for a ChatGPT paid account, or does anybody knows if is possible to create the new GPT without a paid account?

So we all wait for the GPT4… When DEV will wake up :smiley:

It’s available finally the CHAT GPT4

That does not appear to be the case broadly, still a waitlist offered here:



I’ve been informed by various people that this morning they received an email from OpenAI and were able to successfully subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. (I also informed my LinkedIn followers this morning, together with a few tips).