I want the old version of chatgpt

Hello, I’m a writer who relies on ChatGPT to assist me in editing my stories. Back in June, I found it beneficial to use ChatGPT for editing 3, 4, or 5 pages of my book. However, recently I’ve encountered difficulties that seem to have arisen due to changes made by the developers to ChatGPT. It has become almost impractical to utilize it for editing books. ChatGPT now suggests words that are entirely inappropriate for any story.

In June, I would spend perhaps an hour or two using ChatGPT to edit my book pages, and it was a productive process. However, I’ve now been stuck on the same few pages for the past week. This is largely due to the extensive changes in ChatGPT, leading to significantly worse suggestions.

I truly wish there was an option to revert to the same version of ChatGPT that I used in June. The current iteration simply doesn’t work for me. I’d even be willing to pay for the ability to use an older version of ChatGPT, as it would greatly enhance my editing process.

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I want to see a place where all the versions of chat GPT that were updated etc… currently chat gpt doesnt work for me anymore and i m really bummed about it.