I’ve been chasing my tail

Ok, I was using Chatgpt to help me code my program, big mistake. So now I’ve gone to the API reference and still have some questions. First I have a set of data I want the model to respond to correctly. Home values in a zip code on a certain date. I’ve tried training with the cvs file, no luck. Then I tried making a json of prompts (what was price at this zip on this date with answer formatted properly) trained at command line and the results are like forest gump. Im looking into feeding it the statements of the value in this zip for this date was x but not sure which approach is best. One thing I can’t figure out, how do I access my trained model outside the command line. I’ve looked on website but the instructions I’m getting seem out of date. I didn’t give it a name but I saw it gave it a default name. Where would I find that to load into my program?

I’ve done the local training and storage as pickle file on unformatted cvs data as well and gotten decent results that way but not good enough.