I specifically used gpt 3.5. why it used gpt 4 instead sometimes?

this month all of sudden the usage increased from $30 to $120. I found that some of the inquiry used gpt4 instead of gpt 3.5. However, in my code I specifically used gpt 3.5. who can tell me, why it used gpt 4 instead sometimes?

Account takeover is possible. Change your password: logout or launch a private browser window, and then change by “forgot password” at login screen. Ensure you still receive email at the registered email address first. Change the password of the authorization system account (Microsoft, Google, Apple) if you use that instead.

Create a new API key. Delete all others.

You should look into your account, under the category organization members.

There should be only you, as owner. Nobody else you haven’t invited.

If you leak your password, someone can go in, invite themselves to your account, take over and demote you to “reader”, and then you can’t even see your own billing screens and they can keep on billing to your account.

Then stop all use, and see if the GPT-4 continues.

See if this “$120” is actual use on the usage page, and not you misinterpreting another screen such as the monthly limit. Press “cumulative” to see the increasing total for the month.

There have previously been database problems where query submissions were accompanied by false usage entries.


We changed to a new key yesterday. However, there are still requests with gpt-4, while my code specifically use 3.5. How does this happen?

Do you have other members in your Org? They may be unintentionally using their API keys on your Org.