I’m unable to use DALL E

I signed up for the DALL E beta and I got an email back but when I click on the link all I get is pictures of dogs “fixing the website.” does this mean it’s down? I can’t even join the discord because you need to generate an image to join. Please help! Thank you.

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Try using a different web browser, or clearing your cache/cookies before clicking the link in the email.

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I’ll give it a try and let you know.

Seems to be even worse now. When I put all my information in to log in it boots me back to the corgi and cat fixing the website page and the button in the corner still says “login.”

This may happen if you’re using OAuth and have signed into multiple accounts on the Authentication Provider like Microsoft account.

Try this:

  • Open labs.openai.com in incognito
  • Sign In with the account you registered.

now it’s telling me that I have an invalid authorization code?

Try opening the link you got in the email first in incognito.

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I am having the same problem. I tried incognito, didnt work, I’ll try a different browser on my laptop when I get home tonight.

Worked by opening in private browser but other problem I had was I originally used a different email address then the one that was invited. You need to use the same email the invite was sent to for your open ai account.

Thank you for the help

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i’ve been granted access however i can’t login on chrome or safari. why is this happening? how can i get on?? very frustrating!!

I have a similar problem I got the Dalle 2 beta invite and I activated my account, but I always get the “invite required” page. I contacted open ai’s support team at the start of the week, but haven’t heard anything back.

Nope. I am still having the same problem

Same problem here. I can’t access the image generation page, even though i got an invite. There are actually a few Threads with the same topic.

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Hey guys, just posting this same article link in a couple threads about this issue.

If you are having first time login issues, maybe this article will help: