I just bought chatgpt plus, but still not getting the complete code everytime. How to fix this?

It was giving me limited code and not complete everytime I asked it to. Also even if I ask it to continue or finish it, it starts from the first and stops in the middle. Any way to fix this?

My guess is that the model does not have the knowledge of how the UI is displayed in the website. So it does not know where it stopped when you ask it to continue.

One workaround is to tell the model where it stopped and continue from there. It works for me pretty well.

For example:


Like that ?

chat gpt gave me a code finishing with :

			<div class="col-10">
				<h1 class

I asked ChatGPT to "give me the rest of the code starting from: <div class="col-10"> .

i got from chatgpt plus an answer with a code starting with

<div class="col-10">
	<h2>Contenu de la page</h2>
	<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectet

abt there is no other

in first part of the code i received.

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Just type ‘continue’ or ‘next’ and chatgpt will continue with the remaining code or reply.

Did you just read what i say?
The continue works one time on five.

Most of time i have the code from start or sometjing related to previous discussions…

Yes, write a prompt specifying a module or method and don’t ask ChatGPT to write huge code blocks.

LLMs tend to error (wonder of course) anyway, the more text in the completion. If you want “better code”, practice coding in modular code blocks.