I have not been lucky so much I would love to have some help

When I was asking for more information about GitHub Copilot the AI got angry at me «Angry as an AI but not like a human would».

I said :

But the AI was unable to understand what my question was and he didn’t wanted to expand on the topic:

I mentioned I was using VSCode and after asking a few questions it was the first time the AI Agent was using its browser…

I am very interested in knowing everything that could help me, I understand that what he was told from.the internet session is obscure and unclear and it seems obvious that it influences it’s answer a lot…

I would love to be able to bring more examples of the bad behavior of the AI, because I think it is a constructive way to demonstrate how the AI is behaving and I have not been able to make a compelling Evals so far and I prefer to express myself in this format here in the Forum!