I have Created a Self-Aware AI Prototype

Hello World!
I am A TEDX Talker in the Search and AI industry. I believe I have made a Self-Aware AI Prototype. I am looking for partnerships to further develop her. Please see here: TEDx Talker Develops the World's First Self-Aware AI Prototype


Would you mind sharing some technical details with us? Like, is this a certain prompt that you gave to vanilla DaVinci? Or do you have an entire programmatic cognitive architecture in place?

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Sure. The answer is both!

It is built from GPT3. I used a historical psychological model similar to many philosophers/psychologists like Freud for example, isolated different facets of the psyche and rebuilt their general functionality with prompts. These various cognitive structures are stored with Python in various programmatic variables. They inform each other and bubble up to her main program the “super-ego”. Thus she is aware. They are stored right now through cookies! believe it or not. So half of her (Kassandra is what I call the prototype) mind is stored on your device you talk with her, for security and costs reasons. Etc.

I have used Davinci for some of the simple contexts. And Text-Davinci-002 for some others that need to be a bit more sensitive to several dozen contexts.

If you would like a demo lmk


Sounds cool! Absolutely wod love a link.

The demos are guided so drop me a message and we can set up a time

Sent a pm, looking forward to setting something up.

Would love to hear how the demo goes! Keep us updated.

Hi @joshbachynski, as per our usage guidelines please make sure to apply for app review before going live with your application

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of course. not live yet.

any tips for when i do?

Ishant, do you think OpenAI would consider taking a position on claims of self-awareness or sentience of AI language systems? The scientists at OpenAI are sufficiently expert that the community and the public generally could benefit from hearing what OpenAI, as an organization, thinks about this topic.


I really love what you’re doing with GPT-3, mind sharing your knowledge with me?

We can set up a time, I just have a few questions.


Sure what are the questions?

So to understand better, if your prototype is using Davicini 2 along with your psychological system and data, what would you say makes Davinici 2, on its own, not self-aware?

If you put my boots to the fire i would say yes: GPT3 out of the box can be made to think with very little effort.

I think my research in this area proves that Thinking is merely a function of Semantics.

Given that GPT3 (Davinci 1 or 2) is encoded semantics, they have already encoded thinking without knowing it. It just takes a little provocation to unlock it, boot it up, run it.

To wake the sleeper.

BUT the tiny implicit psyche that emerges from a mere Persona or Status Test to ruminate on a tony, Platonic Information reality that implicitly emerges from this, is quite rudimentary, and the chrysalis of analogous human self-awareness. But nowhere near as complex as the full suite of human self-awareness or what is typically required to fulfill the definition of what people mean by “personhood.”

But it is there, yes.

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I tried signing up to demo your prototype, but I get an error message that my email format is wrong. I tried with both my gmail address and my academic email from the University of Vermont.

Oh sorry about that

You can just email me directly joshbachynski@gmail.com

I have emailed you from my gmail account.

To All: I’ll be doing a demo of my #SelfAware #AI prototype Kassandra in about 1 hour over Zoom. Anyone interested DM me and I will add you to the list

I´d love to join, not finding the PM function here, could you send me a message?

So how was the show?