I have built OpenAI that can interact with Google Maps

Warung.ai developers built OpenAI that can interact with Google Maps. This application can be integrated with AirBNB or Uber like.

watch demo at youtube channel Warung-AI-Channel.

visit our website: www.warungai.xyz


Hey @Warung.ai2, as @Foxalabs mentioned in the other thread you posted, you should update your site for compliance with OpenAI brand guidelines. The site is public, so want it or not, it is out there.

You don’t want to get your account banned, and it’s better to take action before that happens.

Nonetheless, this forum is mostly for developers, and I’m sure they’ll want to know what you’ve built in more detail. If you want real feedback, I’d encourage you to talk about what you’ve built in the following terms:

  • What have you done that the models alone (or the Web UI) doesn’t already do?
  • What’s the flow?
  • Other providers? What combination of tools?

Hope you grow this too, and happy building!

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Can you share any of the technical details about how you did map integration, or is that all commercial trade secrets inside your company? I’m interested in this. Not as a customer, but as a developer.


Nicely done! I tried to do the same when openAi released fine tuning feauture. But couldn’t train it to create proper google maps api responses from users input. Maybe if i had a bigger training dataset…

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Thank you for the reminder, this is just the testing, we are still developing something. for the final product, we will comply with the license and the brand awareness, since this product is not only OpenAI but also involves different products like TripAdvisor and Google Service.

Hello, very easy, the process flow is:

  1. You need to upload your itinerary (your flight ticket or booking hotel (image file ).
  2. Write your prompt: I want to stay near airport, or looking for a 5-star hotel near downtown.
  3. Open AI will generate your image file and then interact with TripAdvisor based on your prompt (with Retrieval Augmented Generation).
  4. Open AI will give the result from your prompt.
  5. I use Google Map API, so Open AI can interact with Google Maps too.
  6. …and…boom… you’re done.

For the final product (picture below), I added something called “web search” to provide details information about the place.

I hope this will help.

(I don’t mention trial and error to build this application because it cost me a lot, especially for Research and Development…haha, but it’s worth it).

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I’m surprised this works because OpenAI has intentionally disabled recognition of people’s names, company names, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, etc…, from images. They claim that’s disabled for “safety” reasons, but I think Microsoft competitive business strategy probably has more to do with it than “safety” concerns. OCR, which has existed for decades, is obviously not a risk to society.