I have a gpt database problem?

Good morning :slight_smile:
I have a problem and I need help
for several days chatgpt has been helping me to create a python code to analyze the statistics of football matches in europe.
we are progressing well but I have a problem.
despite the fact that I give him web databases on the date of April 2023, the latter only takes into account the players of these teams until 2021. when asking him he tells me that it was created in 2021.
I tried to circumvent this but I can’t.
how to make it support football teams data until april 2023?

It’s important to remember that GPT just predicts the next word(s) in a text, based on the jumble of all the text data on the Internet before 2021. Unless you have plugins access, it also can’t access the Internet (or a web database that you give it the link to, although it may claim that it can).

Can you be more specific on what you want to do? If you just want Python code to analyze a dataset, you could, for instance, tell it the name of the dataset (like matches.csv) and the exact column names, and that would be enough for a lot of analyses. Then, just paste that code in your IDE, with matches.csv in the path, and run it.