I can't use Codex because I don't have tokens

Codex javascript sandbox always gives me error "An error occurred, please report this issue if it persists.
". I think it is because I don’t have any tokens or payment method. Do I need to add a payment method, because I think I heard on the demo Codex will be free during private beta?

Please email support@openai.com

The intention is that this should be free for you, so as long as you have a codex invite, this seems to be a bug on our end.

It might be the case that if you used all your tokens on your balance using GPT-3 models you may not have access to any models, including the free ones, but that would be a bug on our end too.


Thank you. That is what I thought. I will send it now.

+1 here. I’m having exactly the same problem with an expired token.

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Me too, but I need to use the credit card?? My mother said no!! Can I use without credit card??

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I’ve used up all my tokens with no payment method and Codex works for me, so I don’t think that’s the problem unless it only happens for some people