I can't use ChatGPT Plus even though I paid for it

today I paid for ChatGPT Plus and had an access to it, but suddenly I don’t have any Plus functions. I appear as a normal free user. Did someone have the same problem? Not gonna lie, I am kinda disappointed because I paid for something that I can’t use right now…


Same problem here. I paid for plus yesturday and now the interface is broken and it doesnt know I have paid for plus. I checked my bank and was charge the $20



Same issue here, it worked for a day but then suddenly they again asked for an upgrade. Totally unacceptable.

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Same here ! 2 days already gone from subscription … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Same here …check bank and was charge the $20

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Same here. I was charged, it worked for a day, and now its not working.


I can’t login into my ChatGPT Plus… :worried:


I can’t log into my account either. I had one day left until my subscription was renewed. Today I paid again. And I observe the following picture: once I manage to enter, but the mode is free, another time it’s paid, but I still can’t write, the third time I can’t enter the server at all. Who else has it?

Same for me. I paid this morning, had access for about 2 hours and then suddenly can’t connect, and when i did i found out that i had no more plus functions … Please someone help


I have the same problem here. I subscribed to ChatGPT plus in Feb. I already had a couple of times that I could not log into ChatGPT. OpenAI charged people without any guaranteed service. No service support people behind the scene; everything is bot. I had the problem again this morning and want to cancel the subscription. No way to log in for the cancellation neither.

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Same problem, OpenAI, will you give answer? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: How to email you??? Fix this problem for me I need Plus plan now!!!

Same problem here. I am truly dissapointed as I’ve been charged but then I cant even access the gpt4. Tried to contact for support or email them but its all bot and the FAQ is USELESS

Same here…paid for it, no access and no answere from support also. I just dont understand anymore whats goin on…:frowning:

Same here! They charged me twice, and no PLUS mode. I sent an email to fix this issue but no reply. What’s going on? Huh?

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Yes had this problem today If i pay and they say i get access they should pay me back! Its a service

well, i have tried to contact them for the 6th time. it has been more than 14 days since my payment, and i am still on the free plan, no access to ChatGPT Plus. So, i guess there is no support at all. :man_shrugging:

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I have paid for chatgpt plus , I cannot use after certain login and current issue cannot access into chatgpt plus

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Me too. I paid for it but I am getting the free version instead. Please help!

Hi! Same with me. I was charge in april and in may for 20usd. Can you please fix the issue so I can use the chatgpt pro version again?

Same here. Can’t find any way to switch to GPT-4. Been paying several months.