I can not get the end of codes


When ChatGPT gives me a code (HTML, PHP, etc.), it often stops before the end because the answer is too long.

When I ask ChatGPT to “continue the answer,” “give me the end of the code,” or “please give me the code from…,” sometimes it provides me with the missing part of the answer. However, much times it gives me the same answer as before, and other times it gives me an answer that is not related to the code.

Today, I had the worst experience. ChatGPT gave me a code that finished with:

			<div class="col-10">
				<h1 class

I asked ChatGPT to “give me the rest of the code starting from: <div class="col-10">.”

However, ChatGPT gave me an answer starting with:

<div class="col-10">
	<h2>Contenu de la page</h2>
	<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisc

there is no other

in the code.

How can I ask ChatGPT to consistently provide me with the missing part of the code?

Thank you.