I built a service on email that let's you see how many people think similar to you

No sign-up required. Just start sending emails to me@hypermail.sh. Every 24hrs you’ll receive a report from you@hypermail.sh. The report contains a summary of all your notes within the time range. The report also contains anonymous summaries of other users based on a similarity score.

I use the completions endpoint to summarize all the messages. Then OpenAI embeddings are used to measure similarity between the summaries. You then get to view the most similar summaries to yours.

In the blog post I talk more about how and why it’s designed this way: The Hypermail Experiment: Social Note-Taking for Lurkers

Let me know what you think :slight_smile: Has anyone else used GPT-3 for a social application? How was your experience?

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This is very interesting experiment, perhaps you could write an app that consumes twitter or other social APIs and lets users find users with similar ideas.

The applications are across spectrum.