I am working on my daily task plugin application

Hi everyone,
I hope you are doing great, I am a C# developer and i am trying to automate my daily tasks, so i decided that i should use openai apikey to do so
for that i create a winform and also created an apikey so i can integrate it and start working on my project, but as i was developing it and i am in the initial phase of it
i am not able to get a response regard to the API call request
when ever i tried to get some responses i am getting this following error
429 Too Many Requests in fact i haven’t get a single response for the api
so i need a little help in making my plugin
i will provide the code as well so you guys can let me know if i am doing something wrong
i hope this is not too much trouble for you


429 is usually an account/billing problem (no credits…)

429 - You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details Cause: You have run out of credits or hit your maximum monthly spend.
Solution: Buy more credits or learn how to increase your limits.

I am working on a similar thing. Maybe we can collaborate. I never got 429 on my app though

Alright then
well i am trying some other solutions and if i get any solution working i will reply in the post