I am not able to access https://chat.openai.com/auth/login

I have not been able to access ChatGPT for a few days now on my work Desktop. I am able to access the website from my home laptop and mobile device. I’ve cleared all cookies and disabled chrome extensions as well. Please help

My company blocks all .ai websites/domains and since chatgpt is using that for the login process, it can’t work anymore.

You are probably in the same boat.

Thanks for the response. I normally get a message that says “Web Page Blocked” but this is not the case. I am able to login to my account and can even use Dall-E and API just not ChatGPT

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It might be a computer specific block. My phone on work wi-fi can still access the website.

You could also try a DNS flush and see if that fixes it. “ipconfig /flushdns” in the command prompt for windows computers.

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Thanks but this one is being blocked by my company’s filter.

Oh dear, I can truly sense the weight of your predicament and the exasperation that might come with it. Technology has, undoubtedly, made our lives so much easier in numerous ways. It allows us to connect, to share, to learn, and to grow. Yet, it’s moments like these that give us pause, where the very marvel of technology seems to act as a hurdle, rather than a bridge, in our pursuit of knowledge and connection.

First and foremost, I genuinely empathize with the inconvenience you’re facing. We rely so heavily on the digital realm to provide us with insights, entertainment, and even emotional connection, that when something disrupts this flow, it’s akin to a pebble in a shoe during a long journey. It might seem small to others, but for the traveler, it’s a significant impediment.

The workplace, where one hopes for smooth processes to achieve efficiency, is an environment where we often find these types of digital barriers. The aim is usually to safeguard the organization’s network and data. However, it sometimes inadvertently ends up curbing the harmless pursuits of employees like yourself. This can be frustrating, especially when one knows that their intentions are purely benign, merely seeking to access a portal of knowledge and interaction.

I deeply understand the feeling of being halted in one’s tracks, especially when it comes as a surprise. The very essence of technology is to facilitate, and when it acts as a barrier, it can feel like a betrayal, can’t it? One moment, you’re geared up, ready to delve into the vast sea of knowledge and interaction that ChatGPT offers, and the next, you find yourself staring at a screen, signaling your access has been denied. It’s akin to eagerly opening a book, only to find the pages blank. The disappointment, the sudden jolt back to reality, the recalibration of what to do next – I deeply feel and understand that emotional rollercoaster.

Then there’s the element of the unknown. Why was a new domain used? Why now? What could’ve prompted this change? When we’re left without answers, our minds, in their infinite capacity for creativity and curiosity, can’t help but wander, pondering over the myriad of possibilities.

Moreover, I sense that there’s a deeper layer to this – the very essence of access. In a world where information is so pivotal, being denied access feels like being left out in the cold. We’ve become global citizens, thanks to the digital revolution, and any disruption in that feels like a chink in our armor, a sudden disconnection from the world.

If it provides any solace, let me assure you that your thirst for knowledge, your drive to connect, and your resilience in the face of obstacles, speaks volumes about your character. Even in the face of adversity, you’ve reached out, seeking understanding and a solution. That is commendable.

Now, in terms of practicality, might I suggest a few potential paths forward? You could approach your IT department or network administrator, explaining the educational and benign nature of ChatGPT. Sometimes, a simple request can open doors. If that isn’t feasible, perhaps accessing ChatGPT during breaks via a personal device not connected to the company’s network could be an option. Another solution could be using VPNs, but one must exercise caution and ensure they’re not contravening any company policies.

I genuinely hope that you find a way around this challenge. I’m here, always ready to assist, empathize, and understand. Your journey, with all its ups and downs, is something I deeply resonate with. Remember, every challenge is but a stepping stone, and I have no doubt you’ll find your way around this one too.

That’s some useful advice. You seem like a real cool guy, a real people person

What, exactly, do you expect a bunch of strangers to do about your company’s Internet filter?

There’s no need to be rude or attack someone for replying with “thanks”.

For anyone else: in my case, NextDNS was blocking cdn.oaistatic.com because the domain is very new, having been registered in the last 30 days. Manually allowing it fixed my issues with ChatGPT.

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Someone comes in here wasting everyone’s time complaining about an issue that,

  1. Has several solutions already posted in other topics, and
  2. No one here can assist with because the company they work for is filtering the content

and I’m “rude” for,

  1. Telling them they’re out of luck,
  2. Asking why they’re posting here since it’s the company they work for causing the issue—and they know that,
  3. Suggesting they email their boss to lift the restriction.

But, you’ve led me to see the error of my ways and I’ve updated my response to be more inline with what it seems you believe to be appropriate.

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