I am looking for websites to experience AI tools

Hello everyone,

I am new to AI and am looking for websites or apps to experience AI tools. Most of them are a bit complicated for me to use. I found the website MiniToolAI has a simple interface that I can understand how to use. However, it requires a small fee. I would like to ask if anyone has used the AI tools on this website, please let me know if it works correctly. Is there any scam involved?

Thank you.

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Hi! Upon looking, it seems that all of the pro features on MiniToolAI are all things you can do for free on chatgpt 4. You can go here https://chatgpt.com/g/g-A3vABoCfk and ask for specific AI tools for things you want to practice with. It’ll give you links and once you go to those links just ask the chat how to use it. It’ll be super simple.

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I once paid and used the SD3 on this website, it generated quite beautiful images.