Human challenge over and over and over and over and over and over and over

I am a paying member of ChatGPT, I have been using it on my laptop as well as my phone and tablet for a few months now, and tonight for the first time ever I get a challenge on my laptop for ChatGPT to prove I’m human,
" Verify that you are human
Continue by completing this quick puzzle."
OK, I’m good with that, then when continued with the same prompt, it gave me this challenge again, it does it after EACH AND EVERY prompt, doesn’t matter if it’s a new prompt or continuing with a current chat. Each time the challenge may be multiple answers, or it may be one, either way, it’s going to take me forever to get through a session. I can appreciate a random challenge, or even one at the BEGINNING of a new session, but not after each and every prompt!

I use ChatGPT for work as well as pleasure, I don’t know how I am going to continue using ChatGPT if this is what I’m going to have to go through to use it.

PLEASE STOP DOING THIS! It’s almost ironic that a bot is asking me to prove that I’m not a bot!

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PS, I did a search to see if this was in any other posts, I didn’t find anything. Though a Google search on this issue netted me a lot of other posts on this subject over the years, apparently it’s an issue that crops up from time to time.

I’m using the same browser I’ve always used with no previous problems, this is a very new issue. I turned off my ad blocker (no change), I will try clearing my cache and see what happens.

I am not using a VPN either. I’m using Brave as my browser, it hasn’t been an issue previously.

I am facing the same problem, Human challenge is poping out for every prompt also, the challenge is not loading properly I am facing this issue for a long time. I am a paid user.

OK, tried clearing my cache, had to log back in to everything, it has 0 effect, I still am being challenged before each and every prompt.

I also tried a different browser, had to sign in, and it still challenged me.

I wouldn’t mine ONCE at the beginning of a session, but doing this at each and every prompt, over and over and over and over is not going to work for me, I seriously hope this gets resolved, I rely on this for my job as well as for my day to day life, this is a good tool and I enjoy using it, up until today,

I am trying various things, I used the regular browser on my Android phone (not the app), it worked until I told the browser to use the desktop version, then it challenged me again to prove I’m human. Arrrrggggg!!! This is definitely a bug with y’alls system, not something on my end.

I haven’t gotten that response, but the challenge puzzle randomly doesn’t work, it tells me I gave an incorrect response when I know I gave it the correct response…

I’m checking what could be the problem, one thing I see is that it may be the servers are overloaded, it’s Monday morning at 4:41am Central time for me, this started I’d say at least a half an hour before this, is it possible that ChatGPT is being overwhelmed right now? Whatever the issue is, I hope it’s fixed, I have work to do in a few hours and I need this to work.

I don’t know… I have this issue with 1 specific (paid) account, but it works with other free accounts, so i’m not sure that’s all about overloading.
Here is a very active topic that addresses the same subject : Verify that you are human - STOP IT - #38 by jomag433

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I guess the squeaky wheel phenom is true, for whatever reason, this issue just stopped, it seems to be resolved, it is not challenging me now on my laptop or on the desktop version of my Android phone, I am greatly relieved, I hope this was a “one and done” issue that I hope to never see again…

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