HTTPSConnectionPool Timeout error

Getting timeout:
(host=‘api.openai_com’, port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=60)

I have seen lots of people mention this topic but have not seen a solution. Please help-thank you.

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what is your server OS.
how much RAM does it have
how many cpu’s does it have
how much drive space is there
what is the speed of the network connection
is the machine a VM or standalone
what version of python is installed
what version of Node.JS
what version of PHP
what version of OpenAI API in installed
code snippets of API calls
code snippets of prompt setup and API setup
what are your monthly spend limits
what are your rate limits
which models are you calling
is your account pre pay or pay as you go

Without details it’s very hard to make any kind of an informed investigation as to what might be the cause.

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