I am getting this very strange error when I make an API call:


The prompt works fine in the playground but when I make an API call it gives me this error. Note that other API calls work fine.

@info.deckly It’s a timeout. Specifically a read timeout which occurs any time the server is too slow to return part of the response.

The only time we’ve seen this error on the forums has been today. It will probably be resolved soon on OpenAI’s end, but you might consider reaching out to OpenAI’s support team if it persists.

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Yes, as part of the error trapping and recovery process; you can parse this error and when it happens, wait a random number of seconds and resubmit if that helps.

You can then add a few lines of additional code to automatically send an email to OpenAI support when it happens, telling them about their API performance issues :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: this is still not working @openaibot056