How's everyone managing their files?

I was wondering if there are any tools like playground to list/add/del uploaded files and manage fine-tunings.
It’s a bit of an hassle that we need to use the API for this when just playing around and testing.

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I used to do this manually sorta like @m-a.schenk’s post. Today, I used the click 'n code toys from MSFT. I rename things and manage directories based off of one root directory where I just dump data. True, I probably could have typed a few lines… but I was learning the platform at the time (support). Now this Power Automate (well ported Logic App now… but at the time it was called MS Flow and it was with Office365 ← welcome to MSFT, 8 billing SKUs for the same thing :stuck_out_tongue: ) manages my naming and tags.

I could use OpenAI to name things and maybe add meta tags…for me, those bits of data are music files. So, in my use-case I would have to have the code listen to the song first and then have OpenAI make 3 or 4 tags. torchaudio maybe?