Assistants + PowerApps + Power Automate

Is anyone using MS PowerApps or Power Automate with the Assistants API?

I had it working with the now old chat api, and I was holding all the prompts and responses in a table in Dataverse. It’s still working sweet, but now thinking of the logic on how best to go about implementing Assistants instead. I know I need a table to hold thread ID’s since you can’t pull that list back from OpenAI :unamused:.

Be interesting to see any logic/code custom connection setups some of you may be using.

I’ve integrated Microsoft Teams with the Assistants API, employing agent function calls to Azure AI Search within Power Automate. To consolidate the threads from the Assistants API and Teams, I utilized Azure blob storage. Instead of developing a dedicated connector, I relied on HTTP calls. To monitor the run status, I implemented a ‘Do until’ loop, which operates without a sleep function. I’m quite new to Power Automate, so not sure if it’s the best solution, but it works.

@GaussBear Hi there. Would you be willing to share some details about your implementation? I have created a power apps chatbot last March (still using the old GPT-3.5 turbo api) and i would consider migrating it to asistant api if possible but i do not even know where to start.
Thanks in advance.

If you’re looking to integrate Teams with the Assistants API, the Teams AI Library gives you that support right out of the box. The AI Library manages the polling loop for you and even supports using Assistants from within group chats. I believe the Copilot Studio Team (formerly PVA) is working on similar support.

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Hmmm will definetely take a look. Can i share an app built with Teams AI library with users who are not copilot licensed?

The Teams AI Library is built directly on top of the Bot Framework so you technically don’t even need Teams to use it. I’m not what subscription tier of teams you need but it’s just the base one that supports chat bots

I just shared this on another thread asking about how to let multiple user chat with an assistant but if you want to see my implementation it’s here:

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I will definetely get back to you about this. Do i need an azure account for this?

I don’t know… if your talking to teams you should just need a teams account and their dev center. The azure account would only be for the bot framework side of things but there are a lot of community adapters out there that work with the bot framework and by extension the Teams AI Library. You could make assistants work for slack, Alexa, or google home using the Teams AI Library and no Microsoft accounts at all.

Even if you do end up needing an Azure account the free tier should work fine

I retired from Microsoft in Dec 2023 so by the time people are reading this things could have changed. I was the co-creator of the Bot Framework and an SDK Architect for Teams.

I’ve created an ending point using a Flow in MS Power Automate and that allows me to send any data to the MS power platform, and from that point I can do anything with that data, including send Teams messages which is what I do (as well as other things like search and return data or save to any data source like sharepoint, Dataverse, SQL, etc). My Assistants or GPTs just see it as an end point to send data to and recieve responses from. Works nice n easy.


Are you sending the data using files? I’m trying to do something similar but getting stuck when trying to upload a file.

You could upload a doc to a Custom GPT and get it to connect to your Power Platform and send you the data that way?

I also use Flowise and you can upload docs that way as well.