How track/Improve Prompt Process?

I´m making a lot of tests, and every result, improves the way I prompt, but after a few iterates it´s easy to get a little lost. I thinking how do you guys, track the results without having to repeat the previous prompts.

My methods are very rudimentar:

I use Adobe XD as copy/paste panel and organize my prompts/responses like cards.
I found useful to save pressets too.

Any better methods/ideas?


I’m developing a text-mode prompt editing tool called Skleontr. It can open and save prompts.
Although the program is in hardcore alpha development rn. Any input is highly appreciated.


Well. I really don´t use yet the text-mode prompt. But. I would love to see the differences between inputs marqued IN some way, a highlight maibe? A Copy/Paste but with the differences of the prompts highlited.

Wish the best for your project!