How to use raw prompt for DALL-E 3

I found that ChatGPT always slightly modifies my prompt to DALL-E 3.

Is there any way to use raw prompt? I hope to reproduce the same image via seed and raw prompt.


Hey mate!

And welcome to the developer community forum, just tell chatGPT to “use the exact prompt” :laughing:

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I just tried you method. The same exact prompt and seed will produce basically the same image (except some small colors and decorations change).

So it works well. Thanks!


After some research, I found a JSON format

  "size": "1792x1024",
  "prompts": ["description1"],
  "seeds": [12345]

, which is better than just “use the exact prompt” because the size is not part of the prompt. If someone uses an illegal size, ChatGPT will delete the size in the prompt and use a random size. This might cause some ambiguity.

Also the JSON return from the ChatGPT is

  "gen_id": "generated_identifier",
  "prompt": "description"
  "seed": 12345

The size currently supports 1024x1024, 1792x1024, and 1024x1792 which suitable for full-body portraits.