How to use GPT4 omni voice communication feature?

Hi there, ive got access to ChatGPT Plus and want to try out the new GPT4o voice mode. I have updated to the latest app using the playstore and i selected GPT4o, but even tho i selected GPT4o and selected that icon starting the virtual call i still get the classic speach to text text to speech behavior. How do i use the new one where the module is actually able to hear my voice and dosnt get just a voice to text result?



Voice chat is not currently available, and will be rolling to Plus users in the coming weeks.

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But will it be released for free users’ or is it exclusively for Plus users?

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unfortunately in the previous version this feature was active and free, but it was removed in free version after the latest releases :confused:

Why I think GPT-4 Turbo is still better than GPT-4o[mni]?

Voice mode will be available to a limited number of Plus users in the coming weeks of alpha access. In the coming months, access will be granted to everyone.

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The Future is Not available now

It will coming soon for free user.