How to update my existing Fine-tune model without create new model

We are interested in building a chat application that utilizes a chatbot to provide law-related information to users. Our plan is to train the chatbot using GPT-4 with our custom data. As our laws data will be continuously changing, we are seeking advice on the best solution to develop this chat application.

We have some questions regarding our problem:

  1. Would fine-tuning be suitable for our needs?
  2. If we choose to use fine-tuning, how can we manage our files and models? We are concerned that each time we update our data or model, OpenAI’s API will create new files and models. This could result in an unmanageable number of files and models. Ideally, we would like to use OpenAI’s available model (e.g., Devenci) and update our existing model without creating additional models. However, we have not found any relevant documentation or suggestions for this issue. Can you please provide any relevant documentation or suggestions?

We would appreciate your advice on how to tackle these issues and build our chat application. Thank you for your help.

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@raselinfo52 You can’t fine tune GPT-4. IT’s not one of the base models OpenAI provides for fine tuning.

That’s just not how it works, from what I understand from the documentation, everytime you fine tune a model, it results in another customID, now sure what you mean about the files? Do you mean the training data? If you start with Davinci (for example), you fine tune, it gives you → model1, if you wish to fine tune model 1 with more info, model1 becomes model2. You don’t need to refeed the same data over and over however. Not sure if that helps?