How to trigger auth consistently

Hi, I’m trying to build a GPT that uses a custom API, the API will use login with OAuth, but I’m not sure how to trigger the login flow, I managed to suggess a couple of times, but it’s working anymore, see:

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I’m not positive but I get the feeling it may be storing the auth token until its expiration and then it will ask you to log in again? I’m seeing the same behavior.

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oh wow, you’re right, it was logged in, though I had got an error when doing that!

I wish there was an easy way to understand if it was logged in or not

Trying to get OAuth going. What did you use for redirect URIs when setting up OAuth credentials? (I’m using GCP).

you get a redirect uri in the configure interface when you set the authention. :slight_smile:

As this topic has an accepted solution, closing topic.