How to transfer the Quickstart Pet-Name generator from the tutorial to the web?

I have successfully done the Quickstart-Tutorial and have the pet-name generator running on my local host. This: OpenAI API

Now I want this to run online on my webhosting.

I have uploaded the project to my webhosting
I can ssh into my webhost and node is installed. I can also run install npm and install the dependencies into the folder.

But at this step, one would run the development server and access it via localhost.

How can I now, access this publicly and online? Just calling the URL to the folder does not work.
I guess this is a very basic question, but I’m totally new to this kind of programming, so far I only know my way around C and microcontrollers, a bit.

Welcome to the forum…

I believe you need to start up node.js so it’s always running, waiting to accept connections.

If you shared some code, we might be able to help more.

Nothing wrong with being a newbie!

Hi Paul
Thank you for your time. Node is running. I believe, but my problem is more basic than this, since I don’t even know how the custom-chat would be accessed, when running on a remote web-server and not on my local machine, where it is access via http://localhost:port and where it runs on a dev server.

The code is taken from the tutorial I linked above. It’s a full package of code, which I changed nothing about, except the API-key.