Assistance Needed for Deploying Python-Based Assistant Online

Hey guys. I am writing to seek your guidance regarding a project I am currently working on.

I have developed a web browsing assistant using Python, which is based on function calling and designed to access the internet. This assistant functions correctly in local testing environments.

Now, I am looking to take this project to the next stage by making it accessible online. I have already created a front-end webpage that can synchronize with the web browsing assistant, allowing users to interact with it through the front-end interface.

However, I am facing challenges in deploying the assistant’s endpoint code online (as opposed to locally) to enable communication between the front-end page and the assistant.

Could you please provide me with detailed instructions or guidance on how to deploy this assistant online? Any specific recommendations for hosting services, configurations, or best practices in this context would be immensely helpful.

Post code

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Turn it into a Flask app and deploy it that way. Many hosting providers offer cPanel based deployment of WSGI python apps (like a flask app). You can deploy it as CGI but that’s not very elegant.

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