How to submit a review and move away from sandbox?

I have been running tests for my applications and finally I’m confident it is ready to move to production. but how do I move away from sandbox?

There are some posts here saying openai has changed their policy and review is no longer needed. but how do get away from sandbox…?

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Can you explain what you mean by “sandbox”?

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Sandbox is often related to testing in some other API. And a separate API key that is paid for is used in PROD.

When I’m reading some other posts on this forum (new-open-ai-app-review-process-discuss), people seem to mention that developers will need to submit our application for OpenAI’s review.

When I’m chatting to my fine-tuned GPT through my API key, asking “Is this a sandbox environment?”, and the respond is “Yes, this is the sandbox environment.”

But in short… what do I really need to do to launch my application for commercial purposes?

The only thing that used to need approval was Plugins, that system is no longer done, so, no, you do not need to ask for anything to be approved.


oh! thank you so much mate! Going to update my userid now lol