How to solve incomplete completion

Hello everybody! I would like to know alternatives on how to solve this problem: Example, I send a prompt to generate a conclusion… But the conclusion comes with the last word cut off and the content of the conclusion is incomplete…
Prompt: Create an ad on how to sell on the internet

Conclusion: There are several ways to sell on the internet, below we will give you some practical tips on how to se (The conclusion stops here, and the text is incomplete)

Note; I would like him to complete the completion regardless of the amount of max_tokens

I can suggest that you use dot as the stop parameter and increase the maximum token length. When sentence is done completions will stop.


When I use the parameter: stop=[" END"] the API returns an error because of the ("")

If you share your code or CURL request. I can help for that.

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Rerun the generate prompt without any changes and it will finish the sentence.