How to send suggestions to OpenAI

Dear OpenAI Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to share some feedback and a suggestion that I believe could significantly improve the usability of ChatGPT, especially for users with dyslexia like myself.

My experience with ChatGPT has been overwhelmingly positive. However, I’ve noticed that the interface and interaction model could be further optimized to accommodate users with dyslexia. Challenges such as processing dense text blocks and following complex instructions can sometimes make the interaction less accessible and more time-consuming for us.

Based on this, I propose considering the implementation of features or adjustments aimed at enhancing readability and ease of interaction. Some ideas might include:

  • Offering options to customize text display, such as font size, spacing, and color contrast.
  • Simplifying and clarifying user instructions and feedback.
  • Incorporating voice interaction capabilities, allowing users to receive auditory responses from ChatGPT.

Additionally, I am curious to know if there are any plans to allow users to save their preferences for such customizations, ensuring that their interaction with ChatGPT is consistently optimized for their individual needs.

I believe these enhancements, along with the ability to personalize user settings, could make ChatGPT not only more accessible to users with dyslexia but also improve the overall user experience for a wider audience.

Thank you for considering my feedback. I am looking forward to seeing how ChatGPT continues to evolve and become even more user-friendly for people with diverse needs.

Best regards,

Nicola carnevale

I would like to suggest the implementation of two features for classroom accounts on the OpenAI platform.

Firstly, I propose the addition of a feature that allows teachers to create classroom accounts. These accounts would enable teachers to monitor each student’s activity and maintain a record of conversations held within the classroom. By providing teachers with the ability to oversee student interactions and track conversation history, this feature would support a safe and controlled learning environment while using AI tools and platforms in educational settings. Additionally, features such as user management, access controls, and conversation logs could be integrated to enhance accountability and facilitate effective teaching practices. I believe that such a feature would greatly benefit educators and students alike by promoting responsible and informed use of AI technologies in the classroom.

Secondly, I suggest implementing a banned words list feature within the classroom accounts. This feature would allow teachers to specify certain words or topics that students are not allowed to discuss with the AI. If a student attempts to ask a question or discuss a topic on the banned list, the AI could respond by gently redirecting the conversation or suggesting an alternative subject. This would help prevent students from engaging in inappropriate or sensitive discussions and promote a positive and safe learning environment within the classroom.

Overall, these two features would enhance the functionality of classroom accounts on the OpenAI platform and provide valuable tools for teachers to effectively manage student interactions and ensure their safety while using AI technologies for educational purposes.