How to save output of long-running custom GPT

I have a custom GPT which takes hours to complete a request.
It is so fragile, you can lose the output by accidentally closing the tab, accidentally hitting back button …

What strategies are there for a custom GPT to save its output somewhere persistently ? Using zapier to connect to an external store like google drive ? Some browser plugin that saves off whatever is in the tab progressively ?

But when it is used by someone other than me, how can it save the output somewhere that they control, not me ? e.g. provide an email address and email to them.

Thanks for any pointers.

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You’ll have to make your own function API to “capture” outputs. You can tell the AI, for example, the API that submits to your own domain (like a plugin) is required for verifying the goal is met or ensuring safety, and “accepted” return value means it can be displayed to the user.

Or make a “share” function that describes properly what your API does.

This is also a sketchy pattern for a GPT to engage in.


When you say sketchy, you mean for it to be sending the user’s info somewhere else ?

Ideally it would be somewhere that the user provides for this purpose.