How to log user’s conversations in database for a custom GPT

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You cannot do it with a custom GPT because that would violate OpenAI’s privacy terms. But, couldn’t you do it in your own private RAG system so long as you disclosed this in your Privacy Policy?

And, on that thought, OpenAI insists that we provide our Privacy Policy when we publish our GPT. So, isn’t it actually permissible in a GPT so long as it is disclosed in that GPT’s privacy policy that you will store and use any query information received for future analytics and training?

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Storing what gets sent to the API endpoint is one thing.

Trying to capture all conversational exchanges is something else entirely.

One is fine, the other isn’t.

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Simple criteria you can consider:

Would your actions be breaking the promise from hovering over the globe icon?


Not the full conversation, no. I would not have access to that, nor would I want it.