How to rewrite long articles? 2500+ words

How do you rewrite long articles? Right now i put in a prompt like 'Rewrite this in your own words make sure to use at least the same word count or more: ’

But it will stop after 100-200 words. It also will copy the article sometimes and not re-write it.


DAVINCI instruct series tend to do that. You’ll need to use original DAVINCI to get longer content. But also you’ll need to have more adjectives. It doesn’t really understand the goal if you just say “rewrite in your own words”. What is the purpose? Make it more persuasive? More diplomatic?


nossa vi está página num podcast estou louco com tanto conteúdo novo ,nunca imaginei que poderia ter tantas informações.

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Split your document up into pieces (most likely paragraphs), prompt the instruct model to rewrite each piece in the way you want it to be rewritten and then concatenate the results back into a document. This is really simple stuff you can write a script to do this for you in any language.