How to preserve a Thread for longer periods and recall it?

I am dealing with a use case where the user might go silent for a couple of days and come back to pick up the thread and continue.

I understand that Open AI purges inactive threads after some time. I also see that the Thread object is only a reference to Open AI’s Thread. Messages seem to hold more of the content.

How should I preserve my thread and bring it back to life to deal with the above use case where a user might get back to the conversation after an unpredictable number of days? -thanks

An inactive thread and messages within is retained for 60 days by OpenAI.

It would over 60 days of experimenting and waiting to see if other changes to messages or threads, such as adding metadata, prolong the life.

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A dormant life of 60 days is sufficient for my use case. I would like to understand if there is any mechanism for Thread archival to meet other use cases. Particularly, those who need any sort of audit capability would need a way for Thread archival. I think it would be beneficial for the group if anyone could share ideas on Thread archival.

Will be interesting to see what Microsoft will come up once they start supporting the Assistants infrastructure. I’m sure there will be an SLA / Options for exactly that!