How to Optimize Assistant Function for Google Search API

I have defined a function for performing searches on the Google search engine. Here is the content of my function:

  "name": "perform_google_search",
  "description": "Perform a search on Google based on the user's query and return the raw search results.",
  "parameters": {
    "type": "object",
    "properties": {
      "query": {
        "type": "string",
        "description": "The user's search query to perform on Google."
    "required": [

My API response is also quite simple, utilizing Google’s API google.cse.list.

In general, most queries run successfully. However, I encountered an issue when asked to “please use Google search to find the official websites of these 50 products”.

Google search starts working, continuously searching for:

  • Official website of product 1
  • Official website of product 2
  • Official website of product 3
  • Official website of product 50

This causes my thread to be stuck on Google search until it times out. How can I optimize this situation?