Assistance API Web Search Capability Inquiry

Hey guys,

I have developed a custom GPT that utilizes the web search function, a capability that custom GPTs possess by default. This feature is crucial for my application as it allows for real-time data retrieval from the web.

I am currently in the process of transitioning this custom GPT into the Assistance API. However, I have encountered an issue: I cannot find an option to enable web search capabilities within the Assistance API.

Could you please advise if there is a way to enable web search functionality in the Assistance API? If this feature is not available, is there an alternative approach I can take to integrate real-time web search within the Assistance API?

The assistants API doesn’t have web searching capabilities. You have to do the searches yourself.

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Any roadmap in place to add this feature? Seems like a pretty massive thing to have in the API.

Is I see it has a custom section. Can you integrate this with Google or Bing search API?

I would guess not.

I mean, you already clearly have access to the Internet as you are using it to call the API, presumably you have the ability to search too.

The difference between search and, say, document retrieval or running a Python environment is that OpenAI doesn’t need to call any other external APIs to do those. In order to search, they need to call an external API.

That said, who knows… maybe the same time they launch SearchGPT they’ll include it in the API or something like it.

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I’ve used to Python external Libraries to implement a web search functionalities. All I can say is, use Google, BeautifulSoup4 to fetch and extract data from internet. It is doable.

Here is another possible solution for you,

Jina Reader recently added search capability:

I’ll note the Jina Reader API is free to use (right now anyway) and that includes using it to search (for now anyway).

For instance, if I wanted to search “What is the equation for the volume on an n-dimensional hypersphere?” I would just append the URL-encoded question to the Jina Reader search API endpoint,

These are the results I got (pastebin link because it was far too large to post here).

Does this give replies to no so straight questions? What if I ask like give me top 10 CRM Analytic Tools of 2023. Because the answer you got for your question is from Wikipedia and it’s followed link.

None the less, thanks for the information, will definitely try this.

I don’t know, ask it.

It would have taken less time to try than to ask here :grin:

Lol, but seriously, I don’t know, I don’t use it.

It’s randomly selecting some URL(assuming using python Google Library), and them scrapping for exact data(assuming using beautifulsoup4 python library) and then giving response exactly like in the article.

This is exactly what I mention in my other comments. There’s no AI involved in this. The next step in this would be to pass this information back to AI for the summarization and give a final response to user.

I never suggested there was.

This is simply to collect tokens to feed into an AI.

I am not blaming you, mind my tone if I sounded rude. English is not my first language.

No worries.

It’s not my thing, it’s just a free service that performs a search and returns some results in a markdown format that is easy for an LLM to process.

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@MrFriday @elmstedt Let me know what you guys think.
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I just wanted to make sure we are talking about the same thing. Adding this to the assistants API seems like a no-brainer.

It sounds like MindStudio recently added this feature, but I rather not build with a 3rd party.

This feature should be added to Assistants but its only available to Custom GPTs.

I would recommend to build this via thirdparty but I would still question their way of extracting the data from internet.

Currently, it seems like my best option is MindStudio, but $50 a month plus tokens is kind of high for just an idea I am testing currently.

I mean, I just provided a free web search solution, but you do whatever you think is best.