How to match ChatGPT-4 or Playground behavior?

I have a prompt that when sent to ChatGPT-4 or Playground/Chat/gpt-4 will answer back by initiating the conversation by asking a question to the user.

I’m trying to port that experience over into a GPT-4 API key-driven webapp chatbot but none of ChatGPT-4’s Python, Flask, and html offerings have worked.

For example, I’ve tried system, assistant, initial, and invisible prompt tags and none initiate the conversation. The closest I’ve gotten was adding a ‘sendMessage’ function that sends a message to the ‘/chat’ and"start"s it with a static intro, but it’s supposed to be dynamic, per the prompt.

Anyhow, I feel like I’m trying to re-invent a wheel that must already be out there… anyone? :confused: