How to integrate GPT3 in an open source virtual assistant

Hi there, so can anyone please tell how do I integrate this api with my virtual assistant(the source code can be found here ), eventually I just wanted to make a virtual assistant for linux(although it’s cross platform) and I wanted to integrate GPT3 with it, so can anyone tell me how can i do that? Any help would be appreciated!

Hi there, you can find our Python bindings here.

You can also see a prompt example of a chat assistant here.

I tried this thing up, and it’s pretty amazing! But I get the answer/reply of gpt3 in a json format but I only want the answer to the question and not other details so that assistant can speak it, so how can I do that?

Hi there, you can simply select the specific value of the return object you’re interested in. Here’s a nice tutorial on the subject: Access and print a specific JSON value | Documenting APIs

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