How to include Plugins into API-Requests?

Is it possible to include other Plugins like Wolfram or Scraper into the API-Requests for ChatCompletion, like we can do on “” in the plugin-section?

If so: how?
If not: when?


Note: I have not attempted what you seek, just passing this along in the hopes it is an answer to your question which is often asked here, is based on a reply from Logan, an OpenAI employee, and noted in the OpenAI documentation. AFAIK this could be totally wrong but better than nothing.

OpenAI - Documentation - Chat Plugins - Authentication - Service level

If you want to specifically enable OpenAI plugins to work with your API, you can provide a client secret during the plugin installation flow. This means that all traffic from OpenAI plugins will be authenticated but not on a user level. This flow benefits from a simple end user experience but less control from an API perspective.

More details are provided on the documentation page.

If after getting your problem solved, if this helps you can you provide feedback so that others seeking the same will see that this is a possible path to solving their problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

Side note: One of the best sources of current information for learning to develop with OpenAI is from Logan. The way I keep up with what Logan post or search for previous replies is with a simple link to all of his replies.

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Plugins are not supported in OpenAI API.

You can always build out your own tool/plugin system similar to what LangChain or AutoGPT does, but there’s no built-in support