How to improve the text on Images in Dalle 2?

When I am giving prompt like --“The Chocoa” company wants to launch to a chocolate products which includes choco-coated Roasted Almond.
solution:Generate an image of package with company name “Chocoa” in a bold, serif font, prominently displayed in the center with a chocolate background. Ensure the text ‘Chocoa’ is clear, legible, and the focal point of the image,8dhd.

When I am running this Dalle is giving the text like “Choocoa”,“Chocoo” etc. How to solve this issue and how to remove the blur part in tha images?

That it is a made up word doesn’t help.

Text is not something that the image creator has direct control over producing, pixel by pixel with a font. The neural artificial intelligence works quite differently than you with Photoshop in your hand (which is the solution).

Here’s a prompt where I made the letters into distinctly encoded tokens. It didn’t improve the results.

An image of a single Chocoa brand chocolate bar on a white background. Chocoa is spelled C h o c o a on the packaging in clear appealing letters.