How to go from prototype to production?

I’ve developed a very good working prototype of a Discord bot that leverages OpenAI assistants through Discord.

I believe this is a perfect opportunity to monetize an AI service.

I need help figuring out how to take this from Prototype to Production. Specifically:

  1. Scaling to support hundreds of Discord servers and thousands of users
  2. Monetizing - how to setup a paywall?
  3. User support - how to setup a user support team.

Any suggestions and/or advice would be appreciated.


Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Deploying your solution on Azure, AWS, Google, Digital Ocean, etc, etc. scalable infrastructure would allow the project to increase in size as required.

Monetisation could happen in many forms, Monthly bot licencing with specific usage tiers springs to mind as a simple and fairly trivial method to implement. X thousand bot interactions monthly for Y $.

Tier 1 user support could be done via a knowledge base and vector retrievals and use of a GPT AI. Tier 2 could then be a small support group on Discord or a simple chat interface and T3 would be an internal group of the bots actual creators looking at specific issues and creating PR’s to fix problems.