How to get the number of trails are left with the specified api key?

Hello folks. I’m planning to launch the package into PyPI which is useful to create the text to image converter app with in seconds. For that i need to the check how many free trails are available for the user specified api key. Can anyone help me out in the form of python? I have chatgpt and bard. But they are not working. Hoping that anyone can help with the code?

Here is my code:-

import openai
import time
import streamlit as st

def get_remaining_trials():

def main():
    api_key = input('Enter your OpenAI API key: ')
    if st.button('Upload key'):
        openai.api_key = st.secrets['openai']

        if not openai.api_key:
            st.error("OpenAI API key not found. Please set the OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable.")

        # Check remaining trials
        remaining_trials = get_remaining_trials()"You have {remaining_trials} trials remaining on your API key.")

        if remaining_trials <= 0:
            st.error("Your trial limit is fully consumed on your API key. Please upgrade your API key or contact OpenAI support.")
        text = st.text_input('Enter the text')

        if st.button('Generate Images'):
  'Please wait for a few seconds!')
            text1 = text

            if remaining_trials <= 10:
                st.warning(f"Caution: You have {remaining_trials} trials remaining on your API key.")

            response = openai.Image.create(

            progress_bar = st.progress(0.0)
            status_text = st.empty()

            for i in range(100):
                progress_bar.progress((i + 1) / 100)
                status_text.text(f"Processing {i+1}%")
                time.sleep(0.01)  # Add a delay to simulate processing time

            image_url1 = response['data'][0]['url']
            image_url2 = response['data'][1]['url']
            image_url3 = response['data'][2]['url']
            image_url4 = response['data'][3]['url']

            st.markdown(f"<h5 style='text-align: center; color:red'>{text1}</h5>", unsafe_allow_html=True)
            cols = st.columns(2)

            with cols[0]:

            with cols[1]:

if __name__ == '__main__':

When one has access to an account’s instead of using hacked stolen keys, one can easily understand “how many” free trials remain.

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but bro i need that in coding part. In my code i have leaved some space for that. Im hoping that can anyone help me with the code. With that code the user can know that how many trails are available for that specific key. Which helps the user to be active while he doing experiment. The above one is code which Im planning publish as a package in the pypi. If the user typed the following three lines:

import mini_dalle_website
key=‘user api key’

if he press the enter button, then website automatically open in his browser. It is my final idea.

Then your idea of their being “credits” or “free trials” makes a bit more sense for Dall-E and not language models, but API still does not use credits prepaid or granted through


  1. Can I use my OpenAI API trial credits ($5) or credits on the DALL·E API?

You can use the OpenAI API free trial credits ($5) to make DALL·E API requests.

DALL·E API is billed separately from Credits granted/purchased on do not apply to DALL·E API.

The payment for the specific generation, priced per API call by the image size, is added to the monthly-billed account balance or subtracted from the unexpired free trial money amount remaining. There is no API interface to see billing.

I need free trails. Then I need only free trails. SO help me with that code? I mean for the free trails also there are some limits right. In order to avoid those, Im asking the logic for collecting the trails count for the free trails?

The only “free trial” is a limited-time grant of $18 or $5 that most accounts receive for API usage when they are created.

The only API “interface” is a 429 error and response “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.” when an account’s hard limit or maximum monthly billing quota has been spent.

Thanks for the solution. So according to you how many searches is free for an api?

Rather, according to OpenAI, here’s the pricing for API, where image generation category is listed by size:

Then log into the account and see the grant balance and expiration date under API billing. If you can make your own API keys, you already know how to get there, so this is a feature software doesn’t need.